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Yanda is a web3 protocol leveraging CEX infrastructure to bridge CeFi and DeFi, aiming to enhance the transparency of off-chain transactions.

Enabling a new generation of dApps to emerge

Hybrid Finance 

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$YND Token

Yanda helps its community with monitoring and validating operations carried out by brokers of CEXs by saving off-chain transactions on the blockchain. Learn more...


Cross-chain swap

CryptoYou is a new generation of Hybrid Finance dApp built on the Yanda Protocol. 

CryptoYou connects the liquidity from centralised exchanges (Binance, Kraken, Kucoin, Huobi and more) to your wallet to allow you to swap your tokens Intra-chain and Cross-chain from Ethereum to all major networks.

Fixed withdrawal fees, no hidden costs, no slippage.


Want to be the next Broker?

Offer your services on the Yanda protocol

  • Transparency of transactions and validation process

  • No need of coding an entire Smart Contract, it is already there

  • Full support for implementing your interface

  • 25% of the fees paid for the service on the protocol

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