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An airdrop represents a common marketing method employed by crypto startups, usually used to increase awareness of a project and currency throughout the free distribution of a specific token or coin.

Startups commonly use cryptocurrency airdrops as a marketing strategy to increase the awareness and adoption of a new cryptocurrency.

It consists of distributing a token or coin, often for free or in return for a small service, to many wallet addresses.

It is a promotional activity developed on the company’s website, social media, channels, and forums to help make known a blockchain project.

An airdrop aims to incentivize people to trade it after the listing as an ICO on an exchange; in fact, it attracts small users, not investors, who usually wait until it becomes an ICO.

To receive an airdrop, users typically need to provide their wallet address and meet certain eligibility criteria, such as holding a specific token or participating in a social media campaign. Once the airdrop is complete, the tokens will be deposited into the users' wallets.

Airdrops can be a useful way for users to obtain free tokens and potentially generate a return on their investment. However, it is important to be cautious when participating in an airdrop, as there is always the risk of scams or unproven projects. Researching the project and team behind an airdrop before participating is always a good idea.

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