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HODL is a misspelling of the word “hold.” It refers to purchasing and holding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for a long–term period. It gained popularity and became an investment strategy.

"HODL" is a term often used in the cryptocurrency industry. It originated in 2013 from a typo of the word "hold" written by the user “GameKyuubi” in the BitcoinTalk forum post. It has since become a popular catchphrase among cryptocurrency investors as “hold on for dear life.”

This acronym advises investors to hold onto their assets, even in volatile, uncertain, or bear market times. The idea behind HODL is that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are still in their early stages and that the long-term potential for growth and success is high. As a result, investors are encouraged to hold onto their assets for the long term rather than selling them in response to short-term market movements.

While "HODL" is often associated with a buy-and-hold investment strategy, it has also been used more broadly to encourage patience and perseverance in facing challenges or setbacks. Many people in the cryptocurrency industry see HODL as a rallying cry that embodies the spirit of resilience and determination that has helped the industry to thrive despite numerous obstacles. HODL has also inspired the creation of a similar term like BUIDL, for example.

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