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  • Francesco Greco

Football Crypto Tokens

After a year of lockdown caused by COVID-19, we had the pleasure to watch two major football tournaments for national teams: the European Tournament and the Copa America.

Why are we writing about it? With Inter Milan and AS Roma signing sponsorship agreements with crypto-companies, football is getting closer to the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain world, perhaps more than any other industry.

On top of that, many football clubs have started launching their own fan tokens. Clubs like Juventus (JUV), Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Barcelona (BAR), and many more are already available on

What are Fan Tokens?

Fan tokens are used as a reward for football supporters. These coins allow supporters to take part in different club decisions, games, challenges, and more. They can also be traded as normal cryptocurrencies on various exchanges, including on

Tokens are issued and supporters can exercise their rights via

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