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Yanda is part of the Outlier Ventures Polkadot Base Camp

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

yanda is part of polkadot base camp outlier ventures

We're excited to announce that Yanda has officially joined Polkadot Base Camp cohort 2, Outlier Ventures web3 accelerator program focused on supporting teams in Polkadot ecosystem.


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About Yanda

Yanda is a proof of trust protocol leveraging CEX infrastructure while storing all transaction data on-chain. Currently, the only way to transfer native assets cross-chain is either through bridges or cross-chain DEX. And the high gas fees, high slippage and security concerns are turning users away. Yanda is building a proof of trust protocol to link CeFi and DeFi. Yanda provides a cross-chain swap solution, utilising the CEXs order book to reduce slippage and liquidity issues.


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Outlier Ventures has been backing Web 3 founders since 2014 and is the world's leading Open Metaverse accelerator program, and was one of the first VC firms dedicated to investing in the emerging crypto ecosystem. Their portfolio includes notable projects across DeFi, NFTs and blockchain infrastructure with a focus on emergent Open Metaverse use cases such as NFT-based play-to-earn games, augmented reality and more. Outlier Ventures portfolio.


polkadot B2C cohort

About the other teams

GBC.AI UNION– Guardians of the Blockchain create Artificial Intelligence Superpower tools to enhance and protect Blockchains.

Linking Realities – The Universal Avatar Standard (UAS) to introduce greater interoperability in the metaverse

Logion– Logion's ambition is to be the blockchain infrastructure of "Safe Digital Ownership", to allow users to protect the value they create and exchange.

qBitCloud– The distributed quantum computing hub for web3 and beyond

Vorlds– Vorlds is India's creator-focused web3 metaverse platform where users can discover new worlds & build their own home in the metaverse!

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